Career Upgrade Summit

An event for people who want to enter the privacy and cybersecurity industry, those already in it and those who want to attain leadership roles.

March 17, 2021 | Virtual | 12pm - 2pm EST

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Why Attend?

Our speakers are internationally recognized privacy and cybersecurity experts. Whether you are trying to enter the industry, desire to make a career transition from another field, want to consult in the industry or even looking to enter leadership roles, you don't want to miss this one day event hosted as virtual fireside chats.

For cybersecurity, privacy, tech professionals and entrepreneurs

"There is no passion to be found in playing small — in settling for a life that is less than you are capable of living.” — Nelson Mandela

Hear what attendees of the recent summit are saying...

The key takeaway for me was to start from where you are; there is no perfect time. Also, to align with people who are already successful and be humble enough to ask for help and direction. I mostly enjoyed the genuineness and authenticity of the panelists. They were truly amazing. The best set of panelists I have experienced in a long time. They were not trying to prove anything, just sharing from the heart.

— Winifred O.

Congratulations on putting together an amazing summit. The speakers were phenomenal. My key takeaway was branding and storytelling. The speakers made their presentation relatable and spoke from the heart and were willing to assist the newbies to break into the industry. I believe that all things are possible and the only thing that can stop me from achieving my goals is me. Nothing just happens and it only work if you work it. Thanks Belinda.

Christian O.

My mother once told me that to be cautious of what I say because you never know who's watching. I teach high school seniors Computer Science and, today, instead of learning about for loops. We decided to watch the summit and they were amazed and happy to see people that looked like them in important and high positions. Thank you! Some of the takeaways they received were the importance of storytelling, humbling yourself, working hard, and putting yourself out there. This event gave them the inspiration to push further thus helping them overcome many of the obstacles they or society set for them.

— Jonathan Chery

Fireside Chat Speakers 

Our speakers have walked paths you are about to embark on. A little back story can save you months of frustration.

Belinda Enoma

Global Privacy and Cybersecurity Executive

How to monetize your brilliance in the privacy and cybersecurity industry

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Jordan Fischer

Global Privacy Team Lead 

Bootstrapping a Cyber and Privacy focused business


David Lee

Director Strategic Alliances

Making the leap: From individual contributor to leader


Jenai Marinkovic

vChief Information Security & Technology Officer

Becoming the Next CISO

Tiro Security

Samantha Simms


From Brixton to the Boardroom: my career journey to date

The Information Collective

Ebenezer Allen


Transitioning into incident response

Allen Forensics, Inc.

Meet Your Host

The founder and host of the Career Upgrade Summit, Belinda Enoma is dedicated to elevating destinies. She is a renowned conference host, an inspirational speaker, cybersecurity and privacy professional. She is a digital polymath, enjoys sharing backstories of trials and triumphs; and loves to have a good laugh. She is passionate about bringing great minds together to impact lives.

When Belinda isn't hosting conferences, she is working on privacy and cybersecurity projects, offering vCPO services to tech startups and SaaS companies, writing and conducting research on algorithmic compliance.

Belinda is a digital entrepreneur, lifestyle strategist who teaches women in privacy and cybersecurity to build their confidence, shine light on their expertise, stop hiding their gifts and talents, launch personal brands beyond 9-5 and create thriving online businesses.

She has been featured on Black Enterprise, Southern Dallas Magazine and internationally syndicated television networks.


12:00pm - 12:30 EST


Check in and introduction with back stories from all speakers

Belinda Enoma

From Brixton to the Boardroom: My career journey to date

Samantha Simms

12:30pm - 1:15pm EST

Why Now?

Bootstrapping a Cyber and Privacy focused business

Jordan Fischer

Transitioning into incident response

Ebenezer Allen

Becoming the NEXT CISO

Jenai Marinkovic

1:15pm - 2:00pm EST

The Real Deal

Making the leap: From individual contributor to leader

David Lee 

How to monetize your brilliance in the privacy and cybersecurity industry without quitting your day job

Belinda Enoma

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